Visceral Echoes


MSoA - 3rd Year




A concept installation, exploring the malleability of memory recall. Imagination merges who we were, with who we are. Audio/Visuals are original.

Visceral Echoes

The highly organised construction of memory recall, relies on imagination to influence forgotten details. The subtle mirror of who we are, merges with who we were, creating a confident new resolution of a part lived experience. This interwoven relationship binds past and present, giving bias to who we want to be, or how far we are willing to open up our minds, to the possibilities of who we could be.

The stunning realisation of memory creation through imagination, inspires the conceptual building blocks behind, Visceral Echoes. The installation, focuses on resurfacing familiarity, providing a dreamlike world, reshaping the form of who we believe we are.

Room 1 | Ice Sculptures 

As time passes, details of memories melt into an enigmatic light, held deep within our soul. Eroded abstractions envelop the beautiful phenomena of human nature. Specifically placed projectors and speakers, reflect details of memories, while acoustically shaping the ambience of the room.

Submerged information help us piece together the ethereal transcript. As everything stands still, warm emotions grow into an out of body experience. Nostalgia seemingly controls the imagination, as neurons build entwined pathways of authentic experiences.

Room 2 | Visitor Echoes


Archiving echoes of the past, is a ritualistic process. Today’s technology helps us utilise this experience, holding our imbued bygone eras, on our devices. Visceral Echoes celebrate the dynamic expansion of the culture we experience, by offering a room for visitors to become the installation.

By sending us up to 5 images, via Bluetooth or Airdrop, VE algorithmically explores the finer details. Blurred aspects, also leave space to read between the lines. Potentially reigniting minute particulars.

Room 3 | Virtual Memories

Choose a scene, sit back and enjoy the immersive journey. Using 3D binaural audio and 4K visuals, experience life from a different outlook. Proven to relax and reduce anxiety, offering the perfect outro to Visceral Echoes. Virtual walks, stimulate past adventures with lifelike imagination, to unravel new connections. Smudging both, real and virtual worlds into one.

Each exploration, is impressionistic to the individual, exclusive intimacy enlightened in memory, to recall and reshape. A unique escape from the unpredictable times we find ourselves in.

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