MSoA 1st - 3rd Year



2017 - 20

Insight into my creative process and experimentation.

Sketchbooks | Process

I try to keep an open mind when approaching any design brief. I tend to steer away from my initial thoughts, as they're usually too literal to be the desired standard I want. 

Analogue vs digital?

I find creating hybrid methods, utilising both to be the most beneficial. If you get stuck in certain methods, you run the risk of producing similar work.

Although I initially felt against the idea of documenting research and development, in a digital format due to Covid-19. I have grown to like the idea, as I can keep up to date, in real time. Rather than waiting to print specifics things out then stick into a book.


Moving forward, I'll use physical ads for sketching and digital for documenting the entire process.

Other Projects