First LP, released in 2017. Both audio and visuals are original.

Echium - Synthetic Space

Published in 2017 on Steric. 

This was my first real experience with graphic design, I had messed about with flyers in the past, but this experience made the idea of pursuing a career in design, very exciting. As I didn't have much in terms of a portfolio to get into university, this became the reason MSoA accepted me on to the course.

"Sublime debut LP of weightless ambient electronics and Dub Techno from the newly minted sferic label, includes remixes by Perfume Advert & Space Afrika. RIYL Lee Gamble, Lanark Artefax, Jan Jelinek, Shinichi Atobe...


The sferic label bubbles up from Manchester city centre with Echium’s debut suite of charming ambient gestures, neatly expanded by empathetic, weightless house remixes from local cuties; Perfume Advert and Space Afrika. 

Their mutual first move, Synthetic Space positions both Echium and sferic within a well rooted tradition of Berlin kosmische, dub and Detroit techno-informed electronics emanating from the rainy city, convecting a wistful spirit that resonates with Martin Hannett’s work for The Durutti Column as much as J.S. Zeiter’s mutable dub techno and the humbly mannered moves of the CCO and meandyou labels.

Under its plasmic aura of stray electro-dub artefacts, aqueous rhythms and dusky chords, Synthetic Space effectively smudges distinctions between pre- and post- club sensations or states of mind, operating with a deftness of touch and conversational turn of phrase that connotes feelings caught between excitable, pill-belly anticipation and mercurial rambles that ribbon off into the morning light with a beautifully elusive, tip-of-the-tongue quality."

Excerpt from Boomkat review

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