Published March 2020 on Sferic via Boomkat. Both audio and visual aspects are original.

Echium - Disruptions of Form

Disruptions of Form represents the idea behind a patchwork process, a decision to reimagine my own finished yet unreleased music. Each track is a symbiosis of several unreleased tracks, taking on a new inimitable semblance, unrecognisable from the original input.

I produced a custom typeface for the artist name and title of the release. I then used 3D software to disrupt the back image adding depth to the meaning behind the title.

The sonic side to the project took over 2 years to finish.

"Collaged from banks of unfinished material, the results resemble a spongiform patchwork of shine-eye ambient-pop gestures and cosmic electro-acoustic parts that smudge and crystalize into a heavy-lidded, quietly beguiling narrative. The 9 tracks resemble an archipelago of interlinked microcosmos, each a variation of the last, following a deformed geologic chain reaction of events through its terraforming sonic sculptures that appear to describe subaquatic organisms and their environment with close attention paid to both microscopic detail and plangent panoramics."

Excerpt from Boomkat review

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